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Thien Son Granite and Marble .,JSC is the leading company in Vietnam with 15 - year experience in procucing, importing, exporting, supplying and professionally executing Vietnamese natural stone and imported natural stone products such as Granite, Marble, Onyx, abraded, burnished, sand-atomized Travatine, split stone, bluestone, handicraft stone… The natural stone products are used and accepted as the best products for construction buildings in Vietnam and others in many countries in the world such as: Italia, US, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia.

With the effort of stable and strong development, we determined that human factor is the most important one to ensure the success. Thiensonstone always focuses on employing policy, short-term, medium-term and long-term training of profession, market-adapting skills. The decisiveness, confidence, union and aspiration are burning in each staff’s thinking, action and senses. We create the outstanding business solution, the flexible and accurate financial solution, investment solution for applying technology and advanced machines.

For the breakthrough successes!

Our Mission is: continuous creativity - professional stability, making use of our precious resouces and the natural wonders to meet the increasing demands in quality and quantity of customers, bringing profits to the company and contributeing to the society.

We call it “Human and nature solution

* Trust when you chose our products:

Thiensonstone is experienced in producing, manipulating & executing the natural stones. Our experience is the good advice for the clients to chose the design solution, the natural stone samples for the suitable construction building, in combination with anti-leakage addition, devitrified stone glue that makes the most efficiency in beauty and stability when using.

Thiensonstone provides nice variable products in colours, sizes, quality from natural stone sources in our country such as: Bình Định, Gia Lai, Phú Yên, Khánh Hoà, Phan Giang, Nghệ An, Yên Bái or imported from the famous stone mines in the world like in: Italia , Spanish, china, Mongolia, Indian, Pakistan….

Thiensonstone ofers professional devoted sevices from consulting, contracting, executing, to maintaining and guaranteeing products.

Thiensonstone: is systematically equipped by modern and professional machines and equipment, business solution, excellent and senior management team that can manipulate the big construction works with the international standards and high rate of progress.

Thiensonstone: is committed to fixing and guaranteeing the products with the highest liability. Every request of advising or guaranteeing, kindly contact with our customer service at: …

Thank you very much and glad to serve you!




Head office: No. 85D6 Dai Kim - Dai Kim Ward - Hoang Mai District - Hanoi

Phone: (+84) 3559 8888 

Fax:      (+84) 3627 9999




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