Hotline:  098.202.8686

Project Government Office

27/06/2018 10:52' AM
The Government Office Project has applied the rock fixing technology with nearly 8,000 m2 of rock mass with the 14-column system of 19m high, relief and high-tech pattern, nearly 20m high. This is considered one of the key projects ...

The Skylake Project - Pham Hung

27/06/2018 10:51' AM
Combined with Aedas - the world's leading architectural consultancy brand and Vingroup - Vietnam's No. 1 real estate investor, Vinhomes Skylake brings the standard design of the "mansion" along the lake.

Project Metropolis - Lieu Giai

27/06/2018 10:48' AM
The most luxurious project of Vingroup Hanoi, is known as the new symbol of upper class life in the capital. Located in 29 Lieu Giai - the golden coordinates between the center of Hanoi, Vinhomes Metropolis is considered the ideal "diamond" location ...

Green Bay Project - My Dinh

27/06/2018 10:47' AM
Vinhomes Me Tri (the official name Vinhomes Green Bay) is one of the outstanding real estate products in the West of Hanoi by Vingroup corporation invested and deployed .

Project Gardenia - Nam Tu Liem

27/06/2018 10:46' AM
Vinhomes Gardenia Ham Nghi centered on "the idea of a modern and smart green city" that main points create a peaceful romance nibbled a warm aroma from the jelly forest covered green urban. ..



Head office: No. 85D6 Dai Kim - Dai Kim Ward - Hoang Mai District - Hanoi

Phone: (+84) 3559 8888 

Fax:      (+84) 3627 9999




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