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Thiensonstone - 15 years proud development

27/06/2018 10:24' AM
In 2017, Thiensonstone marked 15 years of development and formation, time not too long to create a Thiensonstone proud to develop, firmly succeed as today. Thiensonstone has affirmed its name as one of the leading brands in Vietnam.

Thiensonstone - Year end party 2017 - 2018 (Xuan Mau Tuat)

27/06/2018 10:23' AM
So a year has also passed with so many hard hardships, besides there are also fun, happiness along with the achievements that we have gained in the past ...

Thiensonstone - Year end party 2016 - 2017 (Xuan Dinh Dau)

27/06/2018 10:22' AM
Memorable Pictures in the Year end Party 2016 - 2017

Potential of facing stone in Vietnam market today

27/06/2018 10:13' AM
In recent years, the production and processing of ashlar facing stone has gradually become an important industry. Growth rate of stone industry is 38% / year, Vietnamese stone products ...

Natural stone is no longer a luxury

27/06/2018 10:12' AM
According to our observations, all natural stones are now available in the domestic market. There are showrooms with nearly 500 samples of natural stones from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, India ... and distribution to agents in Vietnam.

Trends in the use of paving stones in modern construction

27/06/2018 10:11' AM
Vietnamese stone flooring is used widely in the house, outside, fence, street pavement. Our tiles are not only circulated on the domestic market, but also are exported to foreign countries and are in the market of 85 countries and territories.



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